builder and construction servicesThe System South Group makes it easy for home builders to provide in-demand smart home solutions to prospective homeowners with our home builder’s services. No matter the home type, we have perfectly-tailored solutions. Our technologies bring ease of use, connectivity, and ultimate control.

Builders will find components that meet their clients’ entertainment, comfort, and security requirements. We offer every service builders need to complete a modern interior. You’ll find durable, high-quality products, from audio/video solutions to security systems.

From structured cabling systems designs to feature-rich intelligent systems, System South brings homes to life with innovative solutions that add connectivity, control, comfort, safety, and entertainment to a home. With expert designs and project management by industry leaders, System South will help to simplify the implementation process and ensure that your homeowners can easily use and enjoy today’s technologies.

System South structured wiring solutions play a vital role in building today’s connected homes. Learn how our audio, video, media, surveillance, and security solutions work together to help you build the technologies today’s home buyers want and expect.

We specialize in meeting the right specifications for any project with solutions that exceed your needs. From single-family homes to townhomes and to condominiums, System South has the professional answer for any project.

Structured Cabling Systems

We offer structured cabling media systems for builders. Our team develops a fully-integrated, structured plan featuring organized wiring solutions and compatible smart media devices. We carry all components for a successful installation, including wires, wall plates, radiofrequency distributors, and more.

System South follows structured cabling practices for modern home integration. We combine wiring solutions with audio, video, communications, and networking systems.

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Audio Video Integration

Homebuilders can easily add audio-video integration with System South’s help. Our team focuses on providing the highest quality audio and clearest video possible. We develop a plan for speakers, viewing screens, and more.

Whether you need multi-room integration or a solution for a home theater, we can help. Our products complete any home’s interior design and allow versatility for gaming, music, and videos.

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Network Solutions (Smart Devices)

Our home builder services also include network solutions for smart devices. We’ll set up a network that allows different smart systems to interact with homeowners and each other from anywhere in the home. No matter the home’s devices, we’ll ensure seamless operation.

Climate control, lighting, audio, video, and security must operate correctly on your home network. We can troubleshoot faulty equipment to get your final pieces running smoothly. Our team has significant experience with our partner brands.

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home security and surveillance for home and poolEnvironmental & Lighting Control

Home builders and contractors can help new homeowners enjoy significant energy savings with South System’s customizable environmental and lighting control that adapts to their schedule. We carry everything from smart switches to thermostats. Choose from popular smart home lighting models and climate control systems to give homeowners the control they want.

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Security & Surveillance Systems

System South’s homebuilder services provide everything you need to help homeowners protect their new property. Our state-of-the-art security and surveillance systems allow homeowners to control home surveillance devices on the go from laptops, tablets, or phones.

The System South Group installs equipment in advantageous locations for ultimate security. Homebuilders get the latest top-quality solutions.

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