Home Security Systems

security panel, background has a young Hispanic family sitting on sofa reading a book together in the living room, seen from doorwayA smart home security system connects to your wireless network so you can monitor and control your security devices right from your smartphone. Through our sister company Security South, we provide solutions featuring door, motion, and window sensors to provide coverage for your entire house. and build a comprehensive system that includes door locks, garage door openers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, lights, sirens, smoke/CO detectors, water sensors, and more.

If you’re not ready for a dedicated security system, there are plenty of individual devices available that let you monitor your home from anywhere using your phone or tablet, including indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, motion sensors, and smart locks.

Home Security and Surveillance

System South offers integrated, customized home security and surveillance systems for your home.


Home Security Systems

Smart home technology and security systems work well together. A home security system is essential if you want to protect your loved ones from break-ins, burglaries, and fires.

System South provides complete home security solutions or individual smart solutions to meet your needs. We make it easy to guard every door, window, and blind spot in your home.

Smart security systems allow you to monitor your home remotely through wireless networks. Automated systems provide homeowners with innovative ways to protect their entire property, including indoor and outdoor areas.

Consider these popular home security and surveillance systems:

  • Video Doorbells
    Video doorbells typically stream via Wi-Fi and have high video quality. Besides allowing you to see and speak with people outside, video doorbells also record visitors when you are away. Other features include motion detection and sirens.
  • Smart Locks
    Smart homes shouldn’t be without a smart lock. A smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door using a smartphone. It will also keep track of who enters and exits your home.
  • Indoor Cameras
    Live and recorded video from indoor security cameras lets you keep an eye on your house. Features such as local storage, alarms, and two-way audio make them even more convenient.
  • Outdoor Cameras
    All-weather outdoor security cameras provide live video footage of activities outside your home. These surveillance cameras record videos and send alerts to your smartphone when someone approaches.
  • Motion Sensors
    Contact and motion detector sensors are one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a secure perimeter around your home. These sensors instantly alert you when a window or door is ajar.

Home Surveillance System Installation

System South can install the smart devices you need. We can mount security cameras, video doorbells, locks, garage door openers, sirens, smart smoke detectors, and sensors in the right spots. Lastly, we connect the security devices to your wireless network and integrate them with your smartphone.

Home Security & Life Safety System Installation

If you’re considering upgrading your home to make it a safer and more convenient place to live, let us assist you in doing so. When you choose professional installation for your home security and life safety system, you benefit from our many years of experience and ensure you don’t miss any critical aspects of security.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home security and surveillance systems help you to screen visitors, protect your home while away, and monitor activities inside and outside. They can detect unusual movements around your home and send alerts directly to your smartphone.

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