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Smart home solutions allow you to control your indoor and outdoor spaces. They include environmental control, climate control, and lighting systems to add ambiance, make the area comfortable despite harsh weather, and provide security and entertainment convenience.

System South offers environmental & lighting services for home builders and homeowners. We carry everything from lighting power supplies to mounting hardware. Whether you want automated environmental control or versatile indoor lighting systems, our team is here.

Environmental Control

At System South, our commercial services for contractors include environmental control services. Contractors need a versatile solution for managing the immediate environment.  Home builders can provide precise environmental control solutions for greenhouses and more with our assistance.

Our team develops the perfect strategy for environmental control and installs devices to control humidity, shade, temperature, and more. Property owners can later automate these systems. We can instruct builders and managers on automating irrigation, ventilation, and more.

Climate Control

Homeowners and homebuilders can also take advantage of environmental & lighting devices for climate control. With automated climate control devices, your home will stay comfortable no matter the weather. Choose from our selection of motorized blinds, fans, and more.

Our team will install and set up climate control devices and show you how to use their dedicated applications. Versatile remote applications make it easy to control your home’s climate even when you’re not there. We have experience with smart HVAC systems from top brands.

Smart Thermostats

Our residential services for homebuilders put smart thermostats in new homes for ultimate climate control. Smart thermostats adapt to homeowners’ schedules. They may power on before you get up for work or make your home comfortable before you get back.

You’ll save more money with a smart thermostat than traditional options. System South’s high-quality smart thermostats make climate control simple. They activate at certain times, meaning you won’t waste money by running your HVAC system when you’re not home.

Lighting Control

Home environmental & lighting control transforms environments depending on your desires. We carry LED lighting for affordable illumination. Consider an LED strip light for your outdoor space and select the perfect automation settings for your indoor lights.

Lighting automation gives your home an added level of security. System South helps you keep intruders away when you’re not home with remote lighting control. We’ll develop a lighting plan, install lights of your choice, and configure them for effective automated home security.


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