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We specialize in engineering networks that can keep pace with the demands of a modern connected home. Our team can get all your devices to talk to one another and optimize your internet connectivity.

Network Connectivity

We can provide a detailed network design for your buildinghard-wired that includes both hard wired and wireless devices tailored to your needs. This is especially useful if you are having a remodeling project or have a home with little to no Internet capabilities. For those beginning with new construction, our team can help determine the proper placement of cables, access points, and other network equipment to ensure your home has the coverage needed.

Network Management

As providers of innovative simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions, the home will be able to easily connect to all the smart home technologies available today and the technologies soon to follow. We offer a complete line of solutions that simplify network design, deployment, and security resulting in a scalable network that is both powerful and easy to install.

Your home’s network determines the success of your connected devices. It must keep up with whole-home demands without decreasing performance. As a leading network solutions provider serving residents in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, The team at System South proudly offers network solutions for your smart home or business.

Our team can improve connectivity and integration across technology. Whether you need multiple networks for working at home or troubleshooting after a network failure, we can implement effective solutions.

You’ll get a reliable partner for installing and upgrading networks. We can also connect your system to smart home technology for easier network management and security.

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Network Solutions

Configuring your home network begins with a home visit. We’ll determine your network size and bandwidth needs then set up your network. We carry high-quality network equipment from Luxul, Araknis, and more.

We ensure your network signal is strong and configure your devices to stay connected. If your existing signal is too weak for devices to operate correctly, we can increase it with a signal extender.

In some cases, devices can become disconnected and fail to reconnect. System South offers network repairs to diagnose and resolve connection issues.

Smart Device Integration

Smart devices can help homeowners save time and money by performing daily tasks automatically. By integrating smart devices into one system, you can control multiple devices with one touch of a button. Lighting and other systems can operate based on your schedule.

System South’s smart device integration services bring your home’s various systems and devices into a single control center. Whether you want to arrive home to an automatically lit garage or control security systems remotely, we make it possible. We design the perfect automation system for your favorite devices.

Office or Home Network

Working from home is challenging on a slow home network. You can keep your home network separate from your work with a home office network configuration.

No matter how many devices you have, we can create multiple networks that make it easy to share files and stay connected. We’ll ensure your network and data remains secure.

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Smart Home Technology

Smart home technologies use the same network to operate. With System South, you get a central location to automate and manage all smart home devices.

Expanding your technology is easy with our network solutions. We can add multiple rooms to your system’s network for improved security, lighting control, and entertainment performance.

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