Structured Cabling for Media Systems It’s what you don’t see that’s behind the wall


A Structured Cabling for Media Systems that is designed and provided by System South refers to a system that supports the full range of information, communication, and entertainment technologies available to the modern home—including networking, high-speed Internet, cable and satellite TV, Wi-Fi, audio and more. System South’s Structured Cabling System takes the concept of structured cabling, as practiced in demanding residential applications and combines it with multimedia to accommodate the convergence of common smart technologies available today and beyond.

Structured cabling systems are comprehensive, structured wiring solutions combined with smart home media systems. They are ideal for in-home networks and media integration. System South offers structured cabling media system design and installation services, and network solutions for every job.

We make it easy for home builders and their clients, and homeowners to keep their homes connected with a large selection of cat-6 cables, audio-video receivers, and more. Cables run from a central distribution hub and connect your media center to other devices.

Structured Cabling Structured Cabling Design

Our structured cabling media systems design service gives you an individualized plan for your home, whether you want an entertainment hub or need multi-room solutions. We’ll develop a blueprint that includes all your area media systems. We answer all your questions throughout the process.

You’ll get the media system of your dreams with our help. We consider your structure’s architecture, energy consumption, and more for maximum savings. You’ll get simple yet effective solutions that bring peace of mind.

Structured Cabling Media System Installation

We install your structured cabling with precision and extreme attention to detail. We answer your questions and explain necessary information in easy-to-understand ways. You’ll receive professional, friendly service throughout the installation.

Our team has ample training and experience installing structured systems and wiring. We follow a streamlined process and program your systems to work correctly across all your devices. Trust us for an installation that makes upgrades and repairs effortless.

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Network Solutions

Your home’s network must be strong enough to support integration systems and devices. Our structured cabling media systems services include network solutions for a consistent, strong Wi-Fi network. We’ll set up your wireless network and ensure every device connects easily.

Weak connections are no match for us. We’ll install signal boosters and ensure they don’t interfere with television signals or essential frequency channels. If your devices or network stops working, you also have a trustworthy, knowledgeable partner to troubleshoot and repair your system.

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Structured Cabling Compatibility

Many companies ignore structured cabling practices, making upgrading your central distribution hub significantly more difficult. System South follows structured cabling to ensure equipment works properly, stays neat, and upgrades easier.

Our structured cabling systems are compatible with multiple systems and devices. We make it easy to combine audio, video, communications, and security into one system. You’ll save more on energy and system maintenance and enjoy a fast and efficient smart home system.

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